Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Favourites ♥


*runs through a field Bollywood movie style, her scarf flying in the wind, violins playing in the background*

Erm.. okay so I'm not quite that happy LMAO, but you get what I mean XD Seriously though, I'm so glad the sun is out now. It has finally led me to putting some colour into my life. Let me show you where..

April 2013 favourites ft MAC Fanfare lipstick

1. The Body Shop's Body, Room & Linen Spray in Pomegranate & Raspberry - Long time readers might recognise this from my 'Five Favourites Friday: The Body Shop' post I did last year. I've been using this a lot lately, because it reminds me of summer and I just want it to hurry up and get here already! It smells gorgeous and fruity and I still have not finished it. I swear I've had it for about two years? I've no idea how this hasn't finished, I use it soooooooo much!!

2. MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Fanfare* - I won this in a blog giveaway last year and it just ended up being left in the back of my drawer because autumn had already kicked in and it didn't seem like an autumn colour to me. But now I don't really care what season it is, I wear what I feel like. (^__^) So I've been pulling his out when I feel like I want to wear a lighter colour than my usual MLBB lipsticks.

MAC Fanfare swatch and Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon swatch

[Left: - MAC Fanfare, right - Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon]

 3. Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon - Bought this a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since! I was a little afraid of it at first, but this is seriously the most wearable red ever. Well, from the three I've ever worn LOL. But honestly, it gives a beautiful wash of colour. I tend to wear this when my face is looking a little dead.. it really brightens up my face!

4. Florals - mainly asian clothes, but I have been wearing some floral hijaabs too. I even bought a new one the other day! :) I like this one because it's long enough to wrap around my head twice to make it opaque so you can't see my hair underneath, but also is thin enough to keep me cool at the same time (^__^)

Gosh I've been colourful this month. It's like I'm a whole different person. I didn't realise the sun could have such an affect on me. (>.<) What have you been loving lately? (^__^)

Disclaimer: Everything was bought by me by with my own money, apart from the MAC lipstick as mentioned before in the post. :D


  1. Those lipsticks are really nice. I totally like the colors.


  2. both lipsticks look beautiful. I am also loving florals especially in asian clothing! xx

    1. I think I only ever used to wear florals in asian clothing haha. You should do an OOTD with some asian clothing :P xx

  3. Both lipsticks are so pretty. never seen fanfare before, I need to swatch it in store because it's just right up my street. Watermelon is already on y wishlist... hehe :)

    1. I hadn't seen it before I chose it either. Have fun swatching it in store hehe ^^