Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chitchat: Everything Far Eastern~

*clears the cobwebs off of her blog and sidles in awkwardly*

...ohai guyz. 

Aaaaaghhh. I'm sorry for falling off the blogging bandwagon again. It's just that.. life and uni have been taking up almost all of my time these past few weeks, and any spare time I have I've started to spend it with my friends, and venturing outside and trying out new things instead of being a hermit and just spending my free time on the laptop.

I even tried Japanese food the other day! I went to Leeds Trinity with a friend (to meet up with yet another friend xD) and we ended up eating at Wagamama's. Even though I'm not a fan of the way they make the rice, I really liked it over all. I'm going to try a soup next time~

Japanese food

I'm going to hunt down a Japanese restaurant in my own city now (^__^) I really want to try Chinese food too!

Errrrmmm...what else is there.. hmm. Oh, I've started learning two new languages! :D Korean and Mandarin to be precise. I've only just gotten into learning Mandarin relatively recently if I'm honest, I made a couple of Chinese friends and one of my close friends has actually gone to China for a couple of weeks too! So when she gets back she'll be teaching me what she has learnt aswell! ^^

But I have to say.. I love the Korean language just that teensy bit more. My love for their music, culture, and now the Korean friends I've made, has spurred me on to learning it properly - I've even bought a dictionary >.< haha

Korean music and language

I like to sit around in university reading through it in public when I have free time. I've made so many friends that way, people I would never have been able to speak to and fangirl about things with if it weren't for the language barrier - I didn't realize there were so many benefits to learning a new language until I actually started learning one! :-)

I think instead of buying a new lipstick I might pick up a copy of the Mandarin version of this dictionary instead :P They actually are the same price, I got my dictionary for about £7/8 at Waterstones I think! I wholeheartedly recommend you pick one up in any language you're vaguely interested in (^__^) You won't regret it hehe~

*grins* Wellllllll that's all I can think of that has been taking up my time at the moment (apart from my studies).. I might do another chitchat post like this sometime soon, I really like talking about things other than beauty/skincare/fashion! 

Okay well then.. *clears throat awkwardly* bye. :D

(*..walks off, rubbing her forehead*)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February Empties ♥

Remember in my last post where I said that everything finished at once? Well this month I actually started a load of new things, and I knew I wouldn't be finishing anything else any time soon and because I really didn't want to keep these for ages.. here I am with just February empties instead of my usual two month empties :o)


Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wipes - Do I really have to tell you how amazing these are? These are my go-to wipes for when I'm beyond knackered and need to take my makeup off before I fall asleep standing. i'm pretty sure everyone else agrees with me here! I've already repurchased this (^__^)

Avon Anew eyeliner - I didn't like this at first, I'm not sure why but I really didn't. But after using it a few times I ended up loving it! Had pretty good lasting power, was perfect for tightlining and using on my waterline, had a good smooth consistency (neither too writing-pencil-like nor OMG-its-all-over-my-cheekbones-after-blinking-twice, if you get what I mean). I'm quite sad it finished actually, I really am not liking the one I replaced it with. It's no longer on the Avon website either so I can't get another one! :(

Witch Stick - I always sing this ones praises don't I (>.<) what can I say, it's holy grail material (for skincare) for me. Cheap as chips and does the job flawlessly. Clickety clack over here for the link.. and yes I have already repurchased this. How could I not have haha!

Natural Collection Pressed Powder - I bought this in the shade 'cool' by accident when I meant to get neutral. It was a pretty good setting powder for my foundation. It stopped it from oxidising as much and countered a bit of the yellowness in my foundation. It's only £1.99 at Boots and although it was a good powder, and I'd recommend it, I just want to try something new now so I won't be repurchasing it. 

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant - Not my favourite scent, but definitely my favourite deodorant brand. I find that Sure doesn't work for me and also leaves white marks on my clothes, whereas the Go Fresh ones don't. Already repurchased this, but in my favourite scent - the pomegranate version!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - Feel free to read the review by clicking here. Let me know if you agree or disagree with it. :) It'll also tell you if I'd repurchase this again xD

Well that's all for my February empties folks. Hope you have a lovely week!

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. I promise ^^

Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites ♥

Well hell-oooooooo there you beautiful peoples. Hope you've all had a lovely February. I'm back with my (as they are most of the time.. sorry xD) slightly late favourites! I haven't been loving too many things but here are the ones that I have. Now.. LEGGO! 

February 2013 favourites ft L'oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara

1. Coloured Eyeliners - I've been enjoying using my coloured liners a lot this month. Just to mix things up a bit I line my waterline with black and lightly line my lower lashline with my colour of choice for the day. The one shown is my No7 Metallic Eye Pencil in Green. It's the old packaging because I got it a while ago :o)

2. L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara* - This has lasted me about 3 and a half months now, it's still going strong AND the formula hasn't changed at ALL. I am thoroughly impressed. I am in love with the wand and the lengthening fibre formula really makes you look like you have naturally long, feathery lashes. LOVE IT!

3. Superdrug Vitamin E Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - I don't really know why I bought this to be honest. I tried removing my eye makeup with this and didn't like the feeling of it making my lashes stick together and was just terrified it would get in my eyes and I would die (slight exaggeration there but askjdfldsk I was really scared okay *sobs*). But then I decided to try it on my face and GASP it was amazing! It left my skin feeling soft and clean and it really did take off ALL of my makeup. I might see if they have one that's actually designed for the face next time I'm in Superdrug (and after I've used this up!). (^__^)

4. Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gel in Vibrant Gojiberry - YOU GUYS. This smells AMAZING. IF you take a sniff just in the bottle, it doesn't smell too special. But when its all lathered up it smells good enough to eat! It leaves my skin extremely mousturised and refreshed at the same time. I pickd it up on a whim, I'm usually not too bothered about shower gels, and plus t was on for a quid in Tescos so I thought why not! Now I'm tempted to buy another for back up xD It's actually on for £1 in Boots right now if you want to check it out (^__^)

Aaaaand that's all for today folks! What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these? ☺ 

*Won it in a L'oreal Insider Goody Bag Competition (click here to see what else I won!). The rest was bought with my own money hehe (^____^)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Face Mask Friday: Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask

Well hello there everyone! Hope you've had a lovely week. Today I am back with another Face Mask Friday review on the Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask (^____^) 

My skin has been going from one extreme to the other lately, and these past two weeks it has been really dry and *shudders* flakey in patches too. I didn't know what was up with it, so I decided to pick this out from my little stash of face masks and give it a whirl to see if it would do anything for me.

Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask

I've never actually come across a face mask that is an exfoliator aswell, which is one of the reasons I picked it up in the first place. Another reason was that I'm a sucker for apricot anything lol.. (>.<)

'With Superdrug's Apricot Exfoliating Mask that's a wonderful mix of crushed walnut shell and apricot seeds that gently removes dead skin cells to reveal a smoother brighter complexion.'

It's texture is light and fluffy (almost foamy) and the crushed walnut shell and apricot seeds are the perfect size and have the right amount of.. not sure what the term is.. sharpness(?) to it. The mask wasn't gritty, but it wasn't too soft either, in fact it was the perfect consistency!
Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask
'Delicately blended with nourishing Apricot Kernel Oil and moisturising Aloe Vera, this leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft and silky.'

I have to say that I am really impressed with this. the mask part was very moisturising, and the crushed walnut cells and apricot seeds provided literally the most perfect exfoliation! I'm not going to lie I absolutely LOVED IT! It seriously wasn't harsh at all, I could actually feel my skin getting softer and the dead skin cells being sloughed off as I rubbed it gently across my dry patches.

Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Face Mask

And to top it all off it smelt divine. Even better than the St Ives Apricot Scrubs, and that is saying something because I am obsessed with that smell (*_____*)  From the 15ml you get in this packet, you can actually get a good two uses out of this, which is pretty good!

Bottom line is, I'd recommend this wholeheartedly. It's definitely something I'm going to repurchase next time,  but probably after I finish my St Ives scrubs (I have two bottles left) - after that I don't think I will even get another St Ive's scrub.. *shock, horror* I know right? A shops own brand over a well known one?! I must be going doolally. :P 

You can get this for just 99p over at Superdrug, and they tend to do a lot of 4 for the price of 3 deals on their masks too, so it's definitely worth checking out next time you're in Superdrug ^^ Have you tried this before? Or any of Superdrugs own range masks? 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. I promise ^^