Sunday, 28 April 2013

Er Mer Gerd: My first (and probably last) NOTD ft. Nails Inc

If you know me in person and/or have known me for a long enough time, you'll know that I never wear nail polish. That and eye shadow. 

It's not that I don't like the look of either of these things.. it's just every time I do it, I look like a 5 year old girl who has gone through her mums makeup drawer.. and has ended up looking like a clown. Yeah, it's that bad. I just don't know how you guys do it. 

Nails Inc Victoria Gate Nail Swatch NOTDAnywhoo. Today I was printing out my lecture notes and because I couldn't make any notes until I had printed everything out, I had nothing to do. And then I spied my younger sisters box of nail polishes.. and then this happened.

Don't laugh you guise (;__;) I know it's not amazing but you don't know HOW PROUD OF MYSELF I AM RIGHT NOW xD

 I mean yes, it doesn't look very neat.. and my pinky nail is a bit wonky (*the perfectionist in me sobs*) and when I tried to put on the second coat I was too slow in spreading it and it didn't come out completely smooth on all the nails but still.. I did it! 

I tend to do one nail, get disheartened, then just take it off and not try it again until six months later. Yeah.. I might try again tomorrow now, it was oddly satisfying, despite  the fumes getting to my head a bit. :P

If anyone wants to know what the polish is called, its name is 'Victoria Gate' (^__^)

I don't remember where I bought it to be honest, nor do I know if it's still being sold or not.. I have a habit of picking up stuff I think my sister would like and just buying it for her randomly. She's the one who wears them usually, not me! (>.<)

Sooo.. am I a grown up yet? ..yes?
(Clearly not because I used the term 'a grown up' and not 'an adult'.. rofl. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will become an adult.. sigh. Oh well.^.~)

What do you guys do when you're bored/waiting for something? I usually eat something but I was too lazy to go all the way downstairs.. xD

Disclaimer: I bought it with my own money, I promise~ If I didn't I'd tell you. :D All opinions are my own, although there is some input from the other voices in my head... heh. :P

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April 2013 Wishlist ♥

April 2013 Wishlist ♥

April 2013 Wishlist ♥ by themaryfairy

Ayoooo how's it going you lovely lot? All good, I hope! I thought I'd make a little wishlist of things I need (and want) to buy, because I've noticed I don't forget things when I do these^^

I mean it's not a very exciting wishlist, it's mainly things I need if I'm honest.. but anyway.. LEGGO~

1. Maxi skirts - in loads of colours!
Spring is finally here and summer is on the way too, and I can finally start wearing maxi skirts without freezing my backside off. Ever since I started university I've come to the conclusion that I'm more comfortable in skirts - jeans and trousers on me annoy me a bit, especially in warmer weather.

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural
I'm dangerously close to finishing my last face powder and with the weather getting warmer I know my makeup will just slide off my face if I don't set it, and my face will shine like nobodys business even on those days when I go without makeup.

3. Bow rings
WANT! I love bows and I still have not found a bow ring that I like yet. I like the look of this one, I wonder if they have it in any other colours.. off to accessorize I go! Yay for belated birthday gift cards ;D

4. H&M Bag
The bag I've been using for uni is on its last legs. It's battered, scruffy, and doesn't have enough space to hold all my stuffs. :[ Next time I get a chance I'm going to see if this one is sturdy enough to do the job^^

Just noticed I only have one thing that I 'want' & not 'need'! Woohoo for being an adult :P What's on YOUR wishlist? (^__^)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sample Sundays: Darphin Paris Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion

Sooooooo who remembers my last (and first) Sample Sundays post? *laughs awkwardly* yeah.. my little pile has grown a lot since then. My laziness got in the way but now I AM BACK and I WILL sort through it! *puts on her game face*

I thought I'd start off with something I could use up ASAP, which was this moisturiser with a name longer than the wall of china. I think I'll just call this the Darphins moisturiser from now on. (>.<)

Darphin Paris Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion

*clicks on the Feel Unique website to read what ingredients it has and such*


This is £32 for 50mls! *clutches chest* LORD HAVE MERCY (ON MY WALLET) *faints*

Why is this so expensive? DOES IT HAVE GOLD IN IT? *checks the ingredients* No it doesnt. :/ It has well.. here you read it.

'Introducing HydraStructure™ Technology, this formula contains Salicornia and Butterfly Lavender. HydraStructure™ Technology helps to revitalise the skin’s hydration, maintain water balance and prevent water loss so skin appears nourished, replenished and radiant.'

Well then.

I sometimes wonder if they don't just whack in a bit of oil and think up of an extremely scientific sounding name that doesn't really mean anything just to see if anyone will notice and add an equally mind boggling price tag just for the lulz..

I mean when I tried it, it felt like a normal moisturiser. It did the job. But too much of it made my skin greasy and too little didn't moisturise it enough, and the latter doesn't ever happen with my Simple moisturiser. The only thing that set it apart from my usual moisturiser was that it smelt nice. It didn't sink in as fast either.

But that isn't enough for me to go out and buy it. If my calculations are correct, I could get about nine bottles of the Simple moisturiser, with 2.5 times the amount in each bottle! I think I'll stick with my normal one lol.. *hides bank card*

I think I'll stop there. No point me banging on about it because I think I've made my thoughts on it quite clear :P Definitely not going to blow all my money on this (>.<) Hope you're having a goooooood day/night where ever you may be (^___^)

P.S. If you haven't figured out this is a free sample yet.. I have no words. O.o :P

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mini Haul ft Revlon ☼

Well helloooooo there you beautiful people. How is everyone doing? I'm back today with a mini haul post. I was having a pretty bad week so I decided to treat myself with some makeup. I don't actually do this much if I'm honest, any treat I get myself is usually in the form of food (>.<) hahaha

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, bourjois healthymix foundation, and Revlon lip butter

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - My foundation was running out, Boots were doing 3 for 2, and I was feeling adventurous, I thought why not try a new one? So I looked for the one that matched my Bourjois one the most and picked that one up. I haven't had a chance to try it yet; I might review it if I get a chance, but there are so many reviews out there already! Ahhhhh.. I'll see how it goes^^

Bourjois Healthymix Foundation - Like I said, mine was running out, so I decided to pick up some more. I had read mixed reviews on the new formula and was hoping to find some of the old formula bottles in my local boots but alas, there weren't any. (T_____T) So I picked this one up instead. I've tried it once already, and I don't like how it clings to my dry patches. I'm going to give it a couple of more tries.. I mean my skin HAS been a bit blarghhh lately (*determined to love this* just when I thought I had found my holy grail foundation.. *sigh*).

Revlon Lipbutter in Wild Watermelon - I have no idea why I chose this. It's so bright and red and and and.. not a safe colour!!!!!! WHY DID I PICK THIS UP?! *slaps self* Oh well.. I guess I have to try looking my age once in a while now that I'm no longer in my teens. Can you believe I'm going to be 22 this year..? Me neither.. I still feel 17. LOL

Yeeeeah so that's pretty much it. *still terrified of the red lipbutter* Ahem! Anyway. Have any of you guys tried the new Bourjois Healthymix? What are your thoughts on it? Do let me know in the comments below, I'm curious (>.<)

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. But if you read the post you'd know that. :P