Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sample Sundays: Darphin Paris Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion

Sooooooo who remembers my last (and first) Sample Sundays post? *laughs awkwardly* yeah.. my little pile has grown a lot since then. My laziness got in the way but now I AM BACK and I WILL sort through it! *puts on her game face*

I thought I'd start off with something I could use up ASAP, which was this moisturiser with a name longer than the wall of china. I think I'll just call this the Darphins moisturiser from now on. (>.<)

Darphin Paris Hydraskin Essential All-Day Skin-Hydrating Emulsion

*clicks on the Feel Unique website to read what ingredients it has and such*


This is £32 for 50mls! *clutches chest* LORD HAVE MERCY (ON MY WALLET) *faints*

Why is this so expensive? DOES IT HAVE GOLD IN IT? *checks the ingredients* No it doesnt. :/ It has well.. here you read it.

'Introducing HydraStructure™ Technology, this formula contains Salicornia and Butterfly Lavender. HydraStructure™ Technology helps to revitalise the skin’s hydration, maintain water balance and prevent water loss so skin appears nourished, replenished and radiant.'

Well then.

I sometimes wonder if they don't just whack in a bit of oil and think up of an extremely scientific sounding name that doesn't really mean anything just to see if anyone will notice and add an equally mind boggling price tag just for the lulz..

I mean when I tried it, it felt like a normal moisturiser. It did the job. But too much of it made my skin greasy and too little didn't moisturise it enough, and the latter doesn't ever happen with my Simple moisturiser. The only thing that set it apart from my usual moisturiser was that it smelt nice. It didn't sink in as fast either.

But that isn't enough for me to go out and buy it. If my calculations are correct, I could get about nine bottles of the Simple moisturiser, with 2.5 times the amount in each bottle! I think I'll stick with my normal one lol.. *hides bank card*

I think I'll stop there. No point me banging on about it because I think I've made my thoughts on it quite clear :P Definitely not going to blow all my money on this (>.<) Hope you're having a goooooood day/night where ever you may be (^___^)

P.S. If you haven't figured out this is a free sample yet.. I have no words. O.o :P


  1. I really do love your little disclaimer lines at the bottom! Hahaha
    I had this too. It was a good moisturiser but nothing too special especially with that mad price tag!
    Hareem x

    1. Lmao I'm glad someone notices them :P thanks hehe. And I know right?! Crazy! Definitely going to stick to my current one LOL xx