Monday, 13 May 2013

What's In My Bag: Exam Time Edition ☼

Aloha my lovelies! I've been so very busy lately; it's exam season, which is why I haven't been able to post much on my blog what with all the revision and well, exams. *adjusts her captain obvious cape and clears her throat awkwardly* 

I haven't really been testing much stuff out lately either, because I just don't have the time. So I decided to do a tag or something, but nothing caught my eye apart from the What's In My Bag tag, so here it is! 

Today's post is on what I carry around at exam time. 

I bought my bag from Mango, if anyone is wondering (^-^) ]


1. Pencil case - If you don't have one of these in your bag around exam time.. what is wrong with you?! *appalled, Hermione Granger-esque look* LOL xD 

I got mine a couple of years ago from WHSmith (^__^) I carry 2/3 black pens, 2/3 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, and a calculator alongside my university card. I always have this prepared so I can just pick it up without having to worry if I have everything in it!

2. Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Balm - Yeah I don't use this for my eyes anymore (click here for the review~). I've been putting this in my bag to use as a moisturiser for whenever I happen to go into the girls loo after my exam or something and see a random patch of dry skin *shudders* 

It's handy because it's small which means I don't have to lug around my normal moisturiser. Yay for saving space and using up something :D

[Clockwise from left]

3. Pad holder - Every girl has one of these lol, I don't think I need to explain why I have one..

4. Alpenliebe Espresso sweets - My friend Sarita over at A Hotchpotch Hijabi In Italy sent me a couple of packets of these a while ago, and they've been living in my bag ever since. They're good for keeping me awake (and giving me crazy coffee breath lol!). 

I tend to have one an hour or so before my exam in case I get sleepy because I have a tendency of not being able to sleep before an exam (I forgot to have one today and midway through my exam I got really drowsy.. I had only had about four hours of sleep! Gah!).

5. Brecon Carreg Mineral Water - My favourite water to buy, and I love the bottle cap thingiemabob. My friends tell me that they always associate that bottle with me because I'm always carrying it! I drink a lot of water, especially during my exam. It's good to keep hydrated, kids, especially when you need to concentrate in an exam! (^__^)

6. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - One of my best friends went to America last year and bought me a stash of lovely smelling goodies that I couldn't buy from here. I always keep one in my bag, because you never know when you're going to be on public transport and have to touch something that everyone else has been touching *barf*

7. Nivea Hydrocare lipbalm - My favourite lipbalm ever~ I've been through loads of these and there is always one in my bag if I ever need it^^

8. Coin purse - And last but not least, my dinky little coin purse. You see, I don't like to carry around my actual purse with me unless I'm going shopping, and when it's exam time I become a hermit and I only go to uni for my exam and come straight back, so I don't see much point in bringing it with me. It'd be just one more thing weighing my bag down!

So instead I bought this little cutie off of Ebay last year and I keep some spare change in it in case I need the bus or something. (^_____^) Don't you just love how small and cute it is? I'm such a sucker for cute, pretty, little things. (>.<)

So yeah that's what in my bag at the moment guys. I might do another one of this tag, because I have a couple of different bags that I use for different things. I don't know how some people use just one bag for everything, I really don't.. (O.o)

What's in your exam time bag? ☺ 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. Pinky promise^^


  1. Replies
    1. Ooh we had to have see-through pencil cases and love that you have a specific water you like, I just buy whatever is cheapest. lol. Nice to see a post from you :)

    2. Yeah I don't have one of those, but it's mainly my lecturers who would be the invigilators so they'd just check the case and let me have it^^ and LOL yeah I'm weird like that >.< thanks for the comment <3 xo

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing :)
    Hope your exams go well!!!