Wednesday, 27 February 2013

MAC Wishlist ♥

MAC Wishlist

MAC Wishlist by themaryfairy
[Can all be purchased at or Debenhams ^^]

Can you believe I haven't bought anything from MAC yet?

Me neither. I mean I've bought MAC things for others as gifts (because I knew exactly what they wanted) but never for myself. So I decided to rectify that. And so here is my list!

1. Pro Longwear Concealer
I've heard a lot of good things about this concealer, read many a review raving about this, and have decided this is the one I want! I have a Bourjois concealer but it's just a tad too light for me, so I hardly ever use it. 

2. Fix+
I've been wanting to try this for a long time. At the end of the day, the makeup on my oily t zone tends to just disappear, so it will be nice to see if this prevents that from happening. Might get the smaller version first though, I hate getting something full size and regretting it later when it doesn't work for me!

3. Lipstick
A cremesheen one to be precise! Not quite sure which one I want yet, not many colours seem to go with my weird asian skin tone :/ or with my abnormally pigmented lips!

4. Blush
Everyone loves their blushes! And if I'm honest.. I love the look of them too! I already have an pinky/golden blush in the form of Sleeks Rose Gold blush, and as mentioned in a previous haul post I have Benefits Hervana - so I have a pinky one in that, so I might go for a darker blush with MAC! Any suggestions? (^__^)

5. Fluidline in Blacktrack
Once my Maybelline gel liner is finished (this may be a while) I want to try a different one, namely this one. Or should I get the Bobbi Brown one..? Ladies? Help? ^^

6. Mineralize Skin Finish
I'm running low on setting powder, and have heard many a good thing about this stuff! I got this for my sister and she loves it. Made me wish I got it for myself too from the way she went on about it :P

So what's on your MAC wishlist? Have you tried any of these? Do you recommend any of them? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. There are so many products of MAC that I need to buy. I also don't own any products of MAC at all. While the store of MAC is in the town where I go to school haha.


    1. MAC seems to be on everyones wishlist! x

  2. You don't want to see my MAC list.
    It's huge.
    I think we share the same skintone so anything that is coral or had slight orange undertones would look really nice as a lipcolour :)
    hareem xx

    1. Lol the way you say it makes mine sound small! I'll check out some corally ones now, thanks :) x

  3. I say the bobbi brown one, like I like the mac one but ever since I had an unbelievably rude couple experiences in the store I refuse to buy from MAC anymore. Also they're not cruelty free anymore. :(

    1. Oh no that does suck :/ You should have put in a complaint! xo

  4. The concealer is my little bottle of photoshop! I bought it a while ago. I'll review it soon!
    You should try a matte lipstick of mac too, they're amazing, last all day and they're not drying at allll


    1. ooh I'll hunt down the blogpost ^^ Aahhh I tend to steer clear of matte anything (darn dry lips and random dry patches) but I'll check em out next time I'm near a MAC counter~~