Monday, 14 January 2013

What I learnt from my 2012 Project Pan ☼

*sidles in awkwardly* Um.. heyyyyyy everyoneee. *pauses just as awkwardly* ... :oD

*clears throat* Long time no see eh? Gosh, I've not spoken to you lot since last year! :P

*crickets chirrup at her lame joke*

LOL sorry sorry sorry. I'm back now. Sortof. Just thought I'd just pop by and say howdy~ 
I apologize for yet another long absence - I had a lot of exams, and revision was obviously going to be my top priority, but hey I'm back now! (^__^)

(I seem to have lost the masacara.. hmm.)

I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging by talking about my 2012 Project Pan. I can finally say that I have finished most of the things on my list! The ones I knew I couldn't use (because of a variety of reasons e.g. really didn't like the smell, didn't suit my skin tone, etc) I either sold or gave away. And now I can finally throw away the contents of my Project Pan box! It feels a bit bitter-sweet tbh, I didn't like a lot of the items, but I remember feeling accomplished whenever I finished something I didn't particularly get along with, especially the ones whose scents didn't agree with me >.<.

I remember telling myself I'd buy myself something as a reward for when I finished it, but I had already broken the spending ban a couple of times and bought a load of stuff from The Body Shop and Benefit. 

Most of the things I spent my money on were things that I needed everyday or skincare, but I felt guilty for buying the body butters so I decided not to open any until I had gotten rid of everything on my Project Pan list. So Peach Vineyard, here I come! ;D

Looking back over the year and being on a spending ban for so long, it has made me realize how much money I actually spend. I don't even spend most of it on myself, it usually goes down like this: I see something and I immediately think OH MY GOSH! My sister/mother/brother/father/other family member/friend would love this! *proceeds to buy it even though it isn't their birthday and they don't even need it*
Yep. I'm that girl. I like the rush of giving other people gifts lol.

 I also realised that i am very lazy when it comes to food and uni time. If I am out I will just go out to eat (even though it only takes me ten mins getting home) or I'll buy a load of sweets and dump them in my bag and nom on them all day. I learnt to bulk buy healthier snacks to eat whilst I was at uni, or just go home and eat!

The last thing I learnt to do was differentiate between the things I wanted and the things I needed. Once you  figure that out you save a whooooooole lot of money let me tell ya.. LOL. I've become quite good at just being satisfied with window shopping, which it was quite a bit harder for me to do at the start of 2012; I almost feel all grown up now.

Yeah.. almost. :P

So tell me, what did you learn to do last year? Did you go on a spending ban/Project Pan? How did it work out for you? (^__^)


  1. Yay! So great to see you back : D really impressed you finished most of the products and resisted buying others. Seems you learned a lot too - do you think these are habits you'll keep up?

    Can't wait to read more of your posts!
    Sarita x

    1. Thanks Sarita. :) Yeah I will definitely keep these habits up. although the gifts part is still hard to do lol. I look forward to posting them hehe! xo

  2. I recently started a Project 10 Pan: Was happy with how my first week went but my second seems to be an uphill struggle, even though I had a night out tonight and could've used the majority of items I put in my box, I used up other items that weren't in there. Ah well. Better luck next week ;)

    Project 10 Pan 2013

    Project 10 Pan 2013 Update

    1. Aha good luck for next week! Persevere, trust me it'll be worth how accomplished you'll feel by the end of it! :)

  3. yay! your back :D I think I should a project 10 pan :/ need to finish things before I get more!
    hareem xx

    1. Haha Hareeeeeeeeem yaaaaaay xD Lol I'm gna hold you to that :P

  4. I've tried to shop the stash before... didn't work well... I think I should try again. XD

    Lizzums x

    1. Haha yeah you should! It's always lovely to find things you've forgotten you had! x