Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Favourite Hijaab Accessories ♥

I don't consider myself a very fashionable person if I'm honest. I don't have the time to do anything extra in the mornings apart from making sure my face doesn't look like I rose from the dead five minutes ago. 

I just throw on my clothes, hijaab & a bit of makeup and RUN LIKE HELL (because I'm usually running late.. heh). 

Hijaab accessories

But when I do have time, I like to accessorize my hijaab.  (^__^) Unless it's a really loud printed one then I just leave it at that. Not that I own many loudly printed hijaabs.. but I digress. :P

1. Bows

BOWS! If you know me in person, you know I love bows. Bows are just so.. me! I don't know why, but they just are. I have to stop myself from buying more bows, because I know that I will just not use them as much as I use my neutral coloured ones (I wear a lot of neutral colours.. you can probably tell by the picture xD). I got these from Peacocks a while ago, but you can also get similar ones from Claires and New Look.

2. Brooches

Before I realised bows were my thing, I went through a phase of loving brooches. I have a few, but these are  the ones I've used the most. I remember finding them in Accessorize a couple of years ago, and they're still in perfect condition; Accessorize do really good quality stuff! On days when I'm feeling confident in my skin and clothes and have woken up a little early and have had a lot of sleep the night before, I wear one, because it just adds that finishing touch to my outfit and makes me feel all pretteh (for once xD).

3. Headbands

I have quite a few headbands, but this one almost always goes with my fancy Asian clothes because a lot of the Asian outfits I have have gold in them. There's something about this one that makes me look like I've put in more effort - which I have if you think about it, some of the scarves that come with Asian suits are horrendously slippy! Again, you can get these at Claires or New Look.

4. Feathers

I have a couple of variations of this. A stretchy headband with blue and brown feathers, a slide with a string of dark brown feathers, and this alice band version too! I got this from Topshop for about £2.50 down from a tenner - BARGAIN! I don't really wear my feathery stuff on formal outings, more so when its a birthday or we're celebrating something. I don't know feathers don't seem that formal to me so I stick to brooches on those occasions :P

What kinds of things do you accessorise your hijaab with? (^__^)
And if you don't wear one.. what do you use to accessorise your hair? :D

P.S. excuse the horrendous lighting in the pic. It took me forever to get a good photo, and even longer to edit it! Stupid British weather -___-


  1. Cute! I got some hijaab accessories, but I love to keep it simple. So I dont apply them on my hijaab.


    1. Cool! To each their own I suppose ^^