Friday, 18 January 2013

Face Mask Fridays: Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel Mask

First off I'd like to apologise in advance for the varying shades of lighting (for lack of a better phrase) in this post. It's really hard to get decent pictures when it's winter, a problem which I'm sure every blogger faces at this time of year!

Today's post is a review on Natural Collection's Rosemary & Witch Hazel mask. Even though I like some of Natural Collections makeup, I've never really been drawn to their bath and body and skincare products. Probably because The Body Shop and Soap & Glory had those bases covered for me in those departments.  

Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel mask

So one day when I finished uni early enough to take a stroll into town (and straight into Boots) I came across this and thought 'why not? It's only a quid, I won't really regret it if I don't like it now will I?' and popped it into my basket.. and well here we are. :D

Now.. onto the review! First let's take a look at the ingredients shall we?

'Natural Collection Rosemary and Witch Hazel Face Mask contains anti-bacterial Rosemary and Witch Hazel to really deep-cleanse your pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed.'

Rosemary oil - which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, an astringent, and rich in antioxidants; witch hazel - good at reducing swellings, an astringent, and has antioxidant properties too; kaolin clay - has oil absorbing properties. All these ingredients combined make a good face mask for oily/combination skin, especially skin that is in need of a good deep, cleanse.

Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel mask

Now, appearance-wise, this mask surprised me. I thought it would be green like the 'face mask' on the woman's face on the sachet, but when I squeezed it out into my jar it looked more like a whiter version of the Garnier mask I reviewed back in August. (>.<)

Fragrance-wise, I could definitely smell the witch hazel, something I love the smell of. I don't think I've ever smelt rosemary before but I did detect another note so maybe it was that? xD I didn't love the smell, but I didn't hate it, I really do not like overpowering, herbal-y smells!

I'd say that this did it's job pretty well. After using it, my t-zone was no longer as oily as usual but at the same time didn't feel tight either - always a bonus because come one, nobody likes it when their skin has suddenly been completely stripped of all it's oils! It actually left it soft, smooth, and a little moisturised; something that masks usually targeted towards oily skin don't tend to do.

Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel mask

Something I noticed about this particular mask was that it didn't dry, which I found made it easy to wash off. The lazy side of me rejoiced at this, because I apply my masks after I have a nice long bath, and I always feel tired and lazy straight after haha. I can't be the only one :P

Despite it only being a quid, and getting 10ml in the sachet, you get enough for two full on applications which is something that pleased me very much because you get a bang for your buck and extremely good value too, considering how good the mask leaves your skin feeling!

I'd recommend this face mask for those who want to get into using face masks but don't know where to start, and for young oily, blemish prone skin too. It is available to purchase at Boots. (^__^) Has anyone else tried this? Am I the only one who overlooks non-makeup Natural Collection stuff or is it just me? (>.<)

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love a good face mask!!

    Sadie x

  2. I have such love for face masks!! My current fav is Lush Magnaminty! Havent tried the boots one, but sure will now! :)

    A xx

    1. *puts the Lush mask on her wishlist* ;) haha