Monday, 21 April 2014

What's In My Bag: The Bare Minimum Edition ☼

Salaam and hello my lovelies! Hope you're all doing well :o) It's been about a year since I did my last one, so I thought why not do another what's in my bag post? I love reading other WIMB posts.. I can't be the only one right? I think it's in the human nature to be curious (read: nosy) about such things! ^^

 The lovely weather has led me to stop being such a hermit and stepping outside to explore my little city, and being one who usually has a massive bag full of books and notes and many other things 'I might need just in case', I found I needed to cut down on it all in order for me to get around more easily without all my stuff bogging me down!

So lately I have slowly been figuring out, through trial and error, what things I will definitely need and use, and it has culminated to this.. these.. THESE are the things I definitely need and use! It took me a bloody long time and willpower, I'm telling ya..

[ My bag is a gift from my mum, if anyone is wondering (^-^) she randomly got me it one day because she felt like it. I love my mum! ]

[clockwise from left]

Let's do this~

1. Brecon Carreg Natural Mineral Water - The only mineral water I like to drink~ Being on Roaccutane makes you incredibly thirsty - ALL the time, and keeping hydrated is a definite must, especially in the summer time and when I'm out exploring.

2. Sticky Note pad, pen, and clip - Pad and pen for when I need to write something down, and the clip for when I have had a packet of something to eat and didn't finish it. I just clip it on so it doesn't spill everywhere in my bag :D I always keep one with me in each bag hehe. Works a treat! Better than an elastic band in my opinion.

3. Roaccutane tablets - I prefer to have my tablets when I have had a meal, so I keep some with me in case I have gone out and eaten. I find my body prefers it when I have my tablets earlier in the day. 

4. Portable Mobile Charger - Just in case my phone battery runs out of juice! Which it usually does, the stupid thing -.- and by lunchtime too.. *sighs*

5. Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair - LITERALLY the best lip treatment in the world. Recommend it 1000000%! I have one in every room, and in every bag.. A Roaccutane users best friend!

6. Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment - it really does make a difference! Hehe. And it's a small deluxe sample size so it fits perfectly in my bag. Since I've been on Roaccutane, my hands have gotten extremely dry, so I need to use hand cream almost every time I wash or sanitize my hands. Alongside my Aquaphor, I have a hand cream in each bag and room too. For the full review on this hand cream click here~

7. Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea PocketBac Antibacterial Hand Gel - a gift from my best friend. For when there is no tap and hand wash available! I'm such a germaphobe. (>.<)

8. Victoria's Secret Perfume in Simply Breathless - I've almost run out of this! My best friend got me this too hehe. I love how fruity it is~ I adore fruity scents! And yes, I know this isn't exactly a necessity, but I can't live without my perfume!

9. Purse - From New Look! I got it in the January sales. I adore the colour and the gold metal detailing. It sort of matches my bag now that I look at it!

I also usually take the lipstick of the day with me, but that varies from day to day. There's also my phone, iPod and headphones, but they're usually in my pocket. (^__^)

Wow that's a lot more than I thought I had - and yet somehow they all fit into my little bag, and don't give me back pains ;D

What are your bare minimum bag essentials?☺

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. Pinky promise^^


  1. I also always have water in my bag!! Its so handy.


  2. Such a cute bag. xx