Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mini Origins Mini Series: Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask / Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment Review

Back in December I bought a gift set of crackers from the Origins counter, and in each of the crackers there were two deluxe sample sized little tubes of their best sellers. I've never tried anything from Origins before and I had heard that their face masks were the best, and after having a browse of the rest of the counter, I ended up liking the look of some of their other stuff too.

Upon seeing this little set, I thought it would be a brilliant way for me to trial almost everything I wanted without ending up with massive bottles of stuff that didn't agree with me! Yay! (^-^)

I will be doing the reviews in twos as that's how I photographed them :o)

Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask

Goodness me. When you hear everyone go on about something, sometimes they are not bloody joking! ALL the hype about this is 1000000% true, I could tell from the first time I used it *rejoices*

The way to use this mask is to apply a thin layer all over your face (bar your eyes) like you would use a moisturiser, wake up in the morning and wash it off and feel your gorgeously soft and hydrated skin, just like they do in those ridiculous commercials.

Except you won't be acting. You really WILL be that happy about your beautifully plump and gorgeous skin!

It's expensive, but boy is it worth it! I am definitely going to buy this in full size when I run out, this is absolutely worth every penny, no word of a lie. I've used my little tube so many times now and I'm surprised it hasn't finished yet. A little of this goes a long way so I am more than willing to pay £22 for the full sized 100ml tube!

Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

This stuff does what it says on the tin (tube..). It really does make a difference! Its a little thick but not greasy, and sinks in quite well, and it keeps my hands hydrated for a long time. It comes out a tad goopy but not runny. I find the texture a little weird to be honest but I can overlook little things like that because it does the job.

The smell might not be for everyone; I personally love it! Its quite strong and smells of ginger. I can't get enough of it, but that's just my own personal taste.

I do however feel it is quite overpriced for a hand cream.. £19 for 75ml of hand cream? If you have the money to splash out on it, then I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you don't, trust me you can find ones of the same quality with a lower price, I assure you!

The cracker also had a joke in it.. it wasn't that funny but good on them for trying hahaha xD

Have you tried either of these before? What's your favourite overnight face mask? Leave a comment below telling me, I'd love to read about them ☺

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money, and all views stated at my own.

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  1. Origins has some great products!