Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Eid Gift Ideas ♥

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, The Merciful.

In Shaa Allah this post finds you in the best of health and Imaan, and that you are all having a good Ramadan!

The Prophet (saw) said:

“Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.” 

Now, even though I don't want to think about Ramadan ending, even though it's making me feel really sad just remembering that there are only a few days left of this blessed month, I have decided to put my feelings aside to write up a post on what I think might come in useful for those who may need some last minute ideas and tips on what to give as Eid presents!

First thing you need to do, is to have a budget. Set a budget and buy gifts according to the age and the interest of the people in question. Try to spend your money wisely and on things that the person will use/benefit from.

Seeing as the Holy month of Ramadan is ending and that we are most likely closer to our Deen than we are compared to most of the year, a good gift would be one that would encourage and aid the recipient in their good deeds and Islamic obligations.

In case you're stuck and need some inspiration, here are some suggestions:

- Is the person you are gifting a bookworm? As well as, I recommend for books on various Islamic topics. Topics include biographies, Islam & Science, Women in Islam.. you name it they'll have it!

-   Are you giving the gift to a child? Look online or at your local Islamic store for some Islamic childrens books. A good site to find some is They ship worldwide and shipping is included in the price. They also sell toys and games - I've even seen a Muslim version of Snakes and Ladders!

-   Is it someone who loves music? There are plenty of nasheed artists out there now that do some amazing work. My personal favourite has to be Sami Yusuf - his music helped me come closer to my Deen when i was a teen. My favourite album of his is My Ummah.

Another good idea is to give them something practical, or something that they need. 

For example if it's a uni student, you could give them a gift card for Waterstones/WHSmith/Amazon to buy one of their books for their course. If they're a new hijabi, you could put together a hijabi essentials kit.

If it's someone who travels a lot, you could get them a new bag and stick in some everyday essentials and things that will come in handy - such as hand sanitizer, hand cream, a nice lip balm, a mini first aid kit, a spare phone battery, a pair of sturdy headphones, a cute notebook & pen for jotting down notes, etc. It all depends on the person in question really!

I find that when I get given practical gifts myself, I appreciate them more. It feels like some thought has gone into it - anyone can give a box of chocolates or mithai. But maybe that's just me and my way of thinking about things ☺

Anyhoo, hope I helped anyone stuck for ideas for Eid gifts - or just gifts in general really. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below - sharing is caring m'dears (^__^)



  1. Interested ideas you given i like it thanks for sharing this gift ideas.

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    1. Haha thanks love but it's on sunday! I think :S xx

  3. nominated you for liebster blog award :) xx

    1. cheers sweetheart! I'll add it to my list of posts-to-do! :-) xo

  4. thanks for the idea's but im a child looking for present's to give for my parent's so I can't really do any of this