Saturday, 12 March 2016

Skincare Routine: Post Roaccutane

Hello there beautiful people! Long time no see. Like a whole year today actually.
*awkward pause* My bad. Heh.

Aaaaanywho, now that I'm off of Roaccutane, I thought I'd share the skincare routine I've been using these past couple of months or so. 

Roaccutane skincare routine ft l'oreal olay rio rosa mosqueta eucerin

I really like this, and not just for its packaging and lovely smell! My face always feels thoroughly cleansed after using this beauty.

Once I've taken my makeup off, I take a little of this and lather it up over my damp face; it even helps take off any residual mascara I've got left. Yes, it is so good that you can use it on your eye area too. Not once have I had any irritation around the eye area or on my actual eye with this stuff. Brilliant!

This is actually my second tube; I wouldn't however recommend it if you've literally just gotten off of Roaccutane, as it can be a bit drying right off the bat, despite it claiming to be for dry skin. I think what they meant was it's for normal dry skin, not the massively dehydrated skin Roaccutane users have!

L'oreal Skin Perfection facewash Rio Rosa Mosqueta exfoliator

A couple of weeks or so before I got put on Roaccutane again last year, I was very kindly sent this Godsend of an exfoliator by Rio Rosa Mosqueta. Unfortunately, my dermatologist told me to stay away from exfoliators while I was on Roaccutane, so this got put in my drawer for a while.

However one day, I was getting really quite sick of how flaky my skin was from the medication, and reached into my drawer to give it a go - and you have no idea how thankful I was that I did! This didn't irritate my skin one tiny bit; it's literally the best exfoliator for someone on Roaccutane no word of a lie. I've found that the St Ives ones are too harsh for Roaccutane skin, and any others I've tried that were less harsh, weren't doing anything at all.

I think what set this exfoliator apart from the St Ives one (that I usually reached for) was that its texture was a good, happy medium: it has large enough grainy bits in, but the cream base is just runny and moisturising enough to not be harsh on the skin. And I only need a light moisturiser after using this!

When I was actually on Roaccutane, I used a thicker moisturiser, but now that my skin has been changed forever, I've moved onto a different version of an old favourite of mine - the Olay beauty fluid. I either use this one, or the sensitive version, but both are fine.

The great thing about this one is that if I find that if one layer isn't enough, I can put some more on without it feeling strange on this skin. Great for people who wash their face several times a day.

You're wondering why I wash my face several times a day aren't you? Well don't be alarmed, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that: it's because I'm a muslim, and we pray five times a day, but before we do that we splash our face (amongst other things^^) with water a few times a day to become ritually clean. :D

Olay beauty fluid eucerin intensive lip balm

Something I found researching for skincare products for Roaccutane users before I started - and I've never looked back. Nothing.. and I mean NOTHING.. compares to this anymore.

If I ever get another lipbalm, I always end up comparing it to this, and I almost always go back to this. When my lips and the corners of my mouth literally cracked from dryness, it was this that saved it.

I've gone through countless of these, and every single time Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on skincare, I stock up on them. I'm actually running a little low on my stash of these.. I really ought to pick some more up next time I have a chance!

origins drink up intensive mask innisfree aritaum sheet mask

This mask is the only facemask I've used on a regular basis. Although I didn't use it whilst I was on Roaccutane, pre- and post-Roaccutane, I've used it at least 4 out of the 5 times I wanted to use a facemask - the other time I want to use a mask, I use korean sheet masks.

Dry patches? Under the surface spot? Looking tired? Use this! The amount of times I've put this on and woke up to those problems halved.. honestly, this is 100% worth the splurge! 

I don't recommend it if you're actually on Roaccutane though, as your skin is too sensitive for anything with a scent as strong as this - I would know, I've tried! Get it after - you won't regret it. :D

Apologies if that was a tad long! I haven't blogged in so long, I've forgotten what it's like to be concise.. Bear with me, I'll get back my blogging mojo properly soon enough.

 If you have any questions or post requests for anything Roaccutane related, drop me a comment below and I'll get on it! 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. Pinky promise^^

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