Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mini Haul ft. Eucerin ☼

Ayooo~~ How's it going guys? Everyone doing well? ;D I'm back today with a collective mini haul! 

I actually bought these a few weeks ago separately, but thought I would post about them anyway, because 2/3 are for the dry skin I will be anticipating once I get on Roaccutane - it's meant to dry your skin out A LOT so I thought I'd prepare early and buy some of the things other people on Roaccutane had recommended in advance. (^__^)

Mini Haul ft. Eucerin, Simple, Real Techniques

Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - This is the heavier version of my usual Simple moisturiser which was for oily skin. I have tried it and because my skin is still a little oily (because I haven't started Roaccutane yet) I need a lot less than I did with the light version. So far so good! Let's hope it works when my skin gets drier. If not I have another moisturiser in mind from Eucerin ^.^

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - I ordered this off of iHerb with a load of other stuff... but the other stuff was for my younger sister and her friends lol. I just bought the one lonely stippling brush because my first one was falling apart. xD Dead cheap, you should should check it out! You do have to pay a customs fee if it costs more than a certain amont though, so be warned! I didn't know until I received it, wish I had known before -.-

Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair - Everyone who has been on Roaccutane has bought, used and recommended this over and over again. I couldn't find it in Boots so I ended up having to look for it on Amazon, where it seems everyone seems to get it from!

Do you know what I've noticed.. my mini hauls tend to come in threes.. o_O Why is that?! LOL! I guess since my project pan last year I've gotten good at not overspending ^.^ Hurray for not wasting money! :D

Disclaimer: I bought everything with my own money, and all views stated at my own. (^__^)

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  1. oh never heard of the Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair, definitely need to check it out!! x