Monday, 3 December 2012

My December 2012 Wishlist ♥

December 2012 Wishlist

Now I don't normally post wishlists.. but because a) I'm trying to mix it up with my blogposts, and b) some of my friends are stuck for ideas for a belated birthday gift, I thought I'd make up a little wishlist and kill two birds with one stone and put up what I've been wanting to get these past few months (^__^)

Plus I thought because Christmas is on the way, stuff will be on offer, and Boots are doing those points events thing aren't they? See, I'm so considerate *tweaks halo* hahaha ;D

[clockwise from left]

I've read quite a few rave reviews about this, and have been meaning to pick it up but I don't have an Origins counter near me; and when I do go where there is one, I always seem to forget! I'm a goldfish, I know.

As mentioned in my monthly favourites post, I received a sample of this in the post and fell in love with it. I'm going to be really sad when I run out of the sample.. :[ It smells absolutely gorgeous! The one I've linked is the gift set with the EDP (30ml), body lotion (50ml), shower gel (50ml), a mini Hyponse Mascara in black, and a mini Juicy Tube lipgloss! BARGAIN.

I've been wanting this for a while now, but I haven't bought it because I had so many powders to get through! I kind of went a bit powder mad once I realised I had found something to banish my shiny nose and bought about four and have been working through them ever since LOL. Luckily I only have two left now and I've hit pan on one already! :oD

4. New Look Wide Fit Tan Cuffed Wedge Boots
I think I've tried these boots on ten times now, like every single time I've been into New Look I've tried them on and left them. I don't know why I keep leaving them, but I just do. No wait I think I know why.. it's because it's something I want and not need rofl. I do that a lot.. I satisfy my cravings for something by just looking at it from afar lmao. (hash tag life of a broke uni student -__- hahaha!)

(Also side note - I'm usually a) a size four but in this I'm a size five, and b) I never fit New Look's wide fit shoes, so how on earth do I fit these?! Dya know what I don't even care.. these beauties are just toooooooo comfy! xD)

Eeeeeee I love this stuff! I've never found a primer that works so well for my dry cheeks/oily t zone skin type! The mini version I got in the Benefit Besties set is used when I know my dry/oily areas are more extreme than usual (which has been a lot lately :/ I think it's the weather..) and I get the feeling I'm going to need to replenish it soon.. *hint hint*

6. Benefit Hervana Blush
This has been on my wishlist ever since a Benefit makeup artist put it on my cheeks once day when I went to Trafford Centre, many moons ago. I'm not one to wear blush but OHMYGOSHTHISSOPRETTY (;____;) If I didn't need to buy more important things I would have gotten it there and then - I got quite a few compliments after wearing it that day, it really made me smile :oD hehe

So ladies (and gents if there are any reading this!) have you tried any of these? What's on your wishlist for this month? 


  1. I've heard so many good things about MAC's Mineralised Skin Finish! xo

    1. Me too! I actually bought my sister it, but didn't get one for myself! She loves hers haha. x

  2. I just bought the origins super spot remover! It works REALLY well on new, up and coming red spots but takes its time on already formed spots, but i totally recommend it! one on the top of my wishlist is mac-plumful!! xox

    1. Wahhhhh I need it! I NEEEEED IT!

      Hahaha Everyone has atleast one mac thing on their wishlists ;D

  3. I love those boots! Hope someone buys them for you!