Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mini Haul ft The Body Shop & Benefit ☼

Ayoooooooo what is up my lovely readers?! Guess what I have for you today? Why, it's a cheeky little haul ofcourse!

the body shop love your body card

I've decided that there is no point in putting myself on a spending ban anymore because most of the stuff on my Project Pan has been finished and the rest are just powders or my friends have taken them off me because they like what I don't (>.<) hence this post!

Anyhoo! I decided I needed some retail therapy after a particularly bad period of time, so I headed to my two favourite shops - The Body Shop and Boots!

the body shop and boots haul

I browsed the aisles, just window shopping at first, only intending to buy a Love Your Body card seeing as mine had expired, but then I saw that they had some new body butters out! I already have more than enough body butters but Pink Grapefruit and Vineyard Peach really caught my eye..

the body shop pink grapefruit vineyard peach body butters

.. and after catching a whiff of each, the rest as they say, was history. ♥

I forgot to mention that I brought a friend along with me. I kind of sort of inadvertently by accident talked her into buying them too. LOL 

Hey don't look at me like that, she wanted them really! I mean who wouldn't, have you smelt these?! Yeah that's what I thought :P

benefit besties set

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhooooo. Next I went into Boots and if I'm honest, nothing really appealed to me but the Benefit Besties set. I needed another mini Some Kind-a Gorgeous for my bag because my first one had almost finished, and was also curious about the That Gal primer too. I'll be putting up a review of it soon hopefully :o)

I also bought myself some socks but thought it would make me look weirder than usual if I put up a picture of my fuzzy pink socks..heh. xD

And on that rather random note, I shall bid thee goodbye - but not without leaving you with a question! What do you do to cheer yourself up when you've had a particularly bad week? 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own. But if you read the post you'd know that. :P 


  1. Pink grapefruit sounds so delicious! x

  2. ahh i totally understand how you dont need any more body butters but cant seem to resist! i have more than enough, butt what can i do haha. sometimes the temptation is just too much :)


      no but really, how can you not be tempted.. I'm always tempted when I walk into the shop! xD

  3. We wanna see the fuzzy socks!!! Give the public what they want : D

    I love body butters - I used to go crazy for the olive body butter or the cocoa butter one.
    The smells are just so delicious. I always used to be sneaky and go in for a tester whenever I passed by so my hands always smelled yummy. Now I'm body shop deprived! : (

    Lovely to see you back missy - don't be a stranger! x x

    1. Lol NEVERRRR *hides socks* It's too embarrassing for public viewing. :P

      I'm more crazy for fruity flavours - my all time favourite is their Papaya Body Butter~

      I'm sure they have TBS in Italy, don't they? I'm sure they ship there atleast :)

      Lovely being back hehe ;D


  4. Loveeeely items!! It all looks so pretty :)


    1. Hehe they are arent they. Benefit in particular have amazing packaging!