Friday, 6 July 2012

Five Favourites Friday: Soap & Glory ♥

I love Soap & Glory, so much so that my first blog post ever was on a S&G product. There's just something about their packaging that lures me in - despite it being pink, a colour I usually tend to avoid (unless it compliments whatever I'm using/wearing, but I digress).

It's probably the witty little descriptions at the back of the containers and the wordplay they use with the names. I don't think I've ever come across another brand that puts so much effort into stuff like that AND have such amazing quality products!

soap and glory body mist hand food hand cream thick and fast mascara mini mitt body scrub

Plus I love how everything matches and is consistent. Other brands - take note!
Anyway, enough rambling, on to the good stuff! First up is..

Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara

It's brush is huge, very akin to the Benefit Badgal mascara one, and gives my lashes a lot of volume! It's formula is not too wet, not too dry, not runny, not thick - very well balanced IMHO, and once I have it on it stays on - no panda eyes, no random little flecks of mascara underneath my eyes, none at all.

soap and glory thick and fast mascara

The only downsides are the price, and the fact that the wand is huge and for those who don't have a steady hand, would find it hard to put it on without dotting your brow bone/eyelid with the stuff!

Flake Away Body Scrub

Cannot say enough good things about this scrub. You know those horrible little bumps you get on your arms? I used to have those, and nothing I used would help. Until I came across this in Boots one day and thought why not?

soap and glory flake away scrub review

So I bought it, used it once, and was kind of underwhelmed to be honest. For some reason I was expecting results straight away after one use. Silly me, I thought, looking at the little tub, I really should give it another try. I mean it didn't make it worse like the others did, so maybe if I use it a bit more it will?

soap and glory flake away scrub review

Best. Decision. Ever. I used up the whole pot before I knew it and my arms were SO much smoother than before - nothing has ever worked like this! I think it's because the grains that are used to exfoliate your skin are quite small, and also because it contains shea butter and sweet almond oil to moisturise.
It smells really good too.. *tries not to drool*

If you follow my blog, you must all be familiar with this little beauty by now! Worth more than £4 if you ask me. For the full review just clickety clack over here! (^__^)

soap and glory mini mitt flake away scrub

Once summer comes around (or tries to come around but gets kicked out by the bipolar British rain clouds >.>) I start to crave fresh, fruity body sprays. I can see why they describe it as a 'flirty floral' spray, but for me the blackcurrant note seems the strongest, and it makes my mouth water just thinking about the smell.. *sigh* I do love my fruits I won't lie! >.<

soap and glory mist you madly body mist body spray

This costs £6.50 for 250ml, which I would say is a very reasonable price, because it lasts for ages. I've actually had it for over a year and I've only used about a quarter of it, I'd say. The scent lingers for a good few hours but not all day - but then again it is a body spray so it won't have as much staying power as a perfume. You can also get a mini, 100ml version of this which is travel friendly - you can actually get almost all of their products in travel sizes I think :)

soap and glory mist you madly body mist body spray

And last but definitely not least, a cult favourite..

I reckon everyone and their mother has this - and rightly so! This rivals my papaya body butter, it's that good! It smells gorgeous, and is so moisturising that it can even tackle my horridly dry hands in the winter.
Described as a 'non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil, & marshmallow', it lives up to it's word and more - it leaves no greasy residue and absorbs into the skin quickly and completely.

soap and glory hand food hand cream review

What I want to know is, whose idea was it to put marshmallow in it? The smell makes me want to eat it.. I can't be the only one, right?! 

Ahh all this talk about S&G has got me wishing I wasn't on Project Pan.. *sigh* Ah well. Once I'm done with that, I might try out their concealers, they're meant to be quite good!

Have you got a favourite S&G product? 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ahh i see you're a big soap & glory fan, too!!
    What's your all time favourite product?!xxx

    1. Haha heeey Hannah! <3 Hehe yep definitely - oh that's hard. It's between the Mini Mitt and the body scrub! (^__^)


  2. I love the scrub of your life. Makes me chuckle and does a great job :D

    Found you vua the BBU Blog Hop.

    Louise x

    1. Ooh that's their other scrub isn't it? I haven't tried it yet :)

      Thanks for following sweetie! Following you back too (^__^)


  3. Ohh I love soap&glory. I'd adore it just for the scent alone, but it works a treat too! I discovered it via a flake away recommendation from my aunty. Its just so moisturising! love love love it! The hand cream exploded in my bag underneath all my uni books *Rolls eyes* so I'm just using the million different moisturiser samples I have as hand cream at the moment lol. Have you tried any other s&g products?

    1. Me too! I agree with everything you said haha >.<

      Aww poop how did you manage that? no I haven't really apart from the other spray (didn't like it much). Got any suggestions? :) xxx

  4. The body butter is really good, moisturing and smells amaze (as do all their products). They've got a foot scrubber thingy that's good too. Not sure what the proper name is lol. but I might post about it in a while so I'll let you know! xx

    1. Haha thanks :D I'm trying to follow your blog but massively failing. where's you GFC thing? xo