Saturday, 16 June 2012

Modestly Stylish: Teal & Coral ☺

Modestly Stylish: Teal & Coral

I've really been into teals, turquoises, corals, and pinks lately. I don't know why, because I tend to stick to my dark blues and beige kind of shades. Maybe it was the few days of sun we had a while ago. 

On the make up front, although I haven't been wearing much (not that I wear a lot anyway..) I've really been loving my lip butters  Macaroon, in particular. Goes on like a dream and has AMAZING pigmentation. Plus, I just love the name, haha!
I definitely recommend it if you have pigmented lips!

Sigh. Honestly though, why is it whenever I post an outfit post it is always bucketing it down while I sit here pining for the sun, and complaining about the weather like the typical Brit I am? >.<

Ah well. One can only hope that sunshine is just around the corner, In Shaa Allah (^__^)


  1. Pretty color combination! Do more outfit posts!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it (^__^) I will do, thanks for the feedback :-)