Friday, 11 May 2012

Five Favourites Friday: No7 ♥

One of my favourite British brands has got to be No7. Most of the time, they come out with some quality stuff, but they can have their misses - but then what brand doesn't every once in a while? 
Although sometimes their products can be a tad over priced, when bought with their £5 off vouchers, you definitely get a lot of value for your money!

Right.. onto the good stuff then!

These eye liners are perfect for a pop of colour, they last for ages, and come in green, purple, and dark blue. I love how soft they are; they've never irritated my eyes and glide on smoothly. They cost £7.75 a pop, which is standard for No7.

I also used to like their Amazing Eyes Pencil in Black too, back when I first started dabbling in make up - good for any newbies out there thinking of trying some! 

This dinky little thing is not only purse friendly, but also comes with a lid that's attached to it - which is good so you don't lose it, and also more notably a little plastic stick that you can use to get out any eye liner from the sharpeners blade! I love that! I mean, how many times have you had a nip breaking in your eyeliner sharpener and wasn't able to take it out? The little plastic pick can then be stored in the actual sharpener too, so you don't lose it and will always have it on hand! Genius.  

Oh, and the sharpener is pretty good too. :P Hasn't made any pencil of mine snap yet this past year I've had it - the only thing I think that could be improved is that they could have added a hole for larger pencils too.

Another bonus is the price: when bought with the £5 off voucher, they only cost 75p! So next time Boots are running that offer, I highly recommend you get in there and snap one up for yourself! ☺

Sturdy, reliable, a good weight, definitely not flimsy. Fits the shape of my eye perfectly, and I always end up with perfectly curved lashes after using it. I've never had any lashes fall out, nor had my eyes hurt by these. Retailing at £7.25, I'd recommend these to anyone - it's worth it even without the voucher IMHO. 

Next up are eye brushes.. I've decided to count them as one because I just couldn't choose between them!☺

I have two of these - that is how much I love them! Designed to apply gel liner, you can use this on your lid and waterline, without irritated either. I always get a precise line with this no matter how much of a rush I am in. This, just like the eyelash curler, costs £7.25 - only £2.25 when bought with the £5 voucher! 

Another thing I really like about these brushes are the resealable packaging. I keep all my eye liner brushes in the pouches they come in. They're very handy indeed!

I don't wear eye shadow much, and when I do it's very little and only on special occasions, which means I don't have very many eye shadow brushes. I have an EcoTools one that came as part of a set, and this one. Fluffy, but dense enough, very good for blending, not too big for my eyes, and rarely sheds. This also costs £7.25, just like the eye liner brush. ☺

No7 have a habit of coming out with some pretty good spring collections! I loved last years lipstick to bits - it was the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) colour and when I came across this years collection in Boots I decided to swatch it just to see.. and I am so glad I did because this smells of CHOCOLATE. :O I tell no lie.

On top of that this is so moisturising, I don't even need to use lip balm underneath.
It provides a sheer, glossy coat of colour, so it's not as in-your-face, and is actually just a little pinker than my natual lip colour, which I really like! ☺
I honestly would have shown you last years one aswell, but I think it's lost somewhere in the endless depths of my handbag.. >.<

Anywho, I do believe that's quite enough babble for one post! 

What are your favourite No7 products?  (^__^)

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