Friday, 27 April 2012

Five Favourites Friday: The Body Shop ♥

The Body Shop. Just the name makes me feel at home. 
From the moment I walked into my local one as a teen, I knew that I'd be spending a lot of my time (and money) there. I mean, it smelt divine. I loved the colours, and the fact that they had different ranges for different skin types. They even had things to make your room smell as good as the shop itself!

The sales assistants were lovely, and I've never felt pressured into buying anything, and have always been given helpful advice - no matter which store I went to, be it my rather small, local one, or one of the larger ones in certain shopping centres (^__^)

Let's get on with it then, shall we? 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is definitely true to it's name. Priced at £8 for a 250ml bottle, it is the most gentle eye make-up remover I have ever come across. Perfect for sensitive skin; it barely has any scent, doesn't irritate or sting the eyelids, and removes every last particle of make-up, even the most stubborn mascara.

This. Smells. GORGEOUS. It literally makes my mouth water. The raspberry smell is stronger than the pomegranate though.. not that I'm complaining. I spray this on myself, my bed covers, the curtains, the carpet.. I won't lie I am kind of obsessed with this smell! ♥
This cost me £6 and I've had it for over a year now, and I still have approximately 80ml left of the 100ml I got of it, I'd say. Bargain.

Multifunctional, and smells absolutely lovely. I love the smell of rose water. I use this when I need a light moisturiser, and also to refresh myself when my face is feeling a bit hot. Sometimes, halfway through the day I get some dry, patchy areas on my face - this is perfect for getting rid of it.

Another use is a make-up setting spray. I've tried the Urban Decay 'All Nighter Long Lasting Make-Up Setting Spray' and I swear this does the same job but at a fraction of the price - £7 as opposed to the £19 for the UD. 

The only downside I'd say is that when my eyelids are feeling a bit sore, I try not to use this, as it does make them sting.

I remember smelling this in the store and just standing there, lost in its smell. The smell reminds me of the purple Starburst! Consistency-wise, it is nothing like Vaseline, it's kind of sticky, but very hydrating. When I use this before bed, my lips are so soft in the morning that I barely need to use any again for a couple of hours.

Papaya Body Butter for normal skin

Want to know how much I love this? I have four backups of this. Yep. You read right. FOUR. Mainly because they've discontinued it. :-(
I may not have ever eaten a papaya before, but every time I open this.. I feel like I could eat it up with a spoon! >.< 

If I couldn't buy any perfumes, body butters, or body sprays for the rest of my life, I would be content with just this. Seriously. Not only does it smell absolutely positively gorgeous, but it's a pretty good moisturiser too. Not too greasy, not too light. PERFECTION.

I'm sure you've seen a bit of a theme going on by now.. I'm addicted to fruity, yummy smelling, mouth watering scents!

I know. I need help. Teehee. (^__^)

What's your favourite Body Shop product? 

Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own.


  1. I use that pomegrantate and raspberry room spray!!

    i keep one in my car to freshen it up and one at home coz i think it smells really nice... i usally spray it on my clothes int he summer :)

    My alltime favourite smell is the satsuma smell from the Body Shop... and their body butters are amazing!!


  2. It smells gorgeous doesn't it? It definitely has me longing for summer now haha xD

    I've never been drawn to satsuma, but now that you mention it, next time I'm at The Body Shop, I'll have a sniff! :D x